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DIY Floating Bench

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to share the DIY floating bench I made a few weeks ago for our entryway closet makeover.

Let me start by saying the closet was always a DISASTER (not being dramatic) all. the. time.

This is the place everyone throws their shoes, purses, backpacks, blocks… you name it… ended up in this closet. I couldn’t stand it much longer soooooo with a little Pinterest inspo… that’s what prompted our “entry way closet make over”.

I wish I had a “before” picture to show you, but I lost those on the memory card I used. Basically this closet looked like a standard closet with a bar across the top to hang things. I removed everything and only left the shelf you see at the top. After I built the bench I added the board and batten to give it a “mudroom” look.

The hubs just recently had back surgery about a week before I took on this project so you know he was thrilled about this ;).

BUT… I assured him, I could do this all by myself and I did… for the most part. LOL! Just a little help from my papa, the guys at home depot, and lots of questions for my husband along the way.


 Nail Gun

Common Board



Stud Finder

2 1/2in Screws

Stain (I used special walnut)

Anchor (for screws if needed)


  1.  I used my stud finder and marked where the studs were on all 3 walls.
  2. I framed out the bench using common board (in my specific measurements) and used my 2 1/2 in screws to secure it to the wall. (I used a 75 pound anchor in the spots that did not have a stud).
  3.  Once I had all 3 walls framed out with my single pieces of 5 1/2 in common board I laid my first top piece on the back end of the bench and then the second piece towards the front (the top of my bench has 2 pieces of common board laying flat, see picture below).
  4.  After my top pieces were in place I nailed them along the edges of where the bench was framed out.
  5. Lastly, I nailed my front 6 in common board strip to the front of the bench, stained it, and caulked the edges.

*the front board is longer that the boards I used to frame it out so that it looked thicker. Also, to keep the bench from being too heavy I did not add a board to the bottom of the bench* 

Now time to decorate it!!!!!


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