My Whole 30 Journey Pt. 2 – TIPS

Hi friends!

Lets just get to it. In a nutshell…. life has been crazy! Between my job, Alex’s job/real estate, 3 little kids, and helping my mother in law design a new office space I literally had no time to get to this post last week. This also means that I slacked on starting Whole 30 round 2 last Monday and have had 2 weeks off. I plan to start this Monday….so let’s do this!!!!!

I wanted to provide you with some really helpful resources along with some tips I learned during round 1 of Whole 30. You can read My Whole 30 Journey Pt. 1 here.

I truly was in shock at the differences I noticed in my body within the matter of  just the first 2 weeks of this program!

I love Whole 30 because it has completely changed my perspective on the foods I eat. During my time off I have reintroduced some foods that definitely haven’t sat well with me. I splurged a bit and it actually wasn’t as enjoyable as I thought it would be LOL- It honestly just made me feel kind of sick. So….. needless to say I am excited to get strict and start round 2 while implementing more weight training this time around. I can’t wait to share my results with you!

For those of you who haven’t read My Whole 30 Journey Pt. 1, here are my results from simply changing my diet and running 3-4 times a week (sometimes less). You can also review the Whole 30 rules here.

For most of my meals I used a lot of the same ingredients and mixed things up for a bit of variety. For example- breakfast I usually have eggs with some meat (bacon, chicken apple sausage, ground sausage, etc) and with some kind of veggie (sauteed mushrooms, bell pepper, spinach, etc). Sometimes I will even add potatoes/salsa.

Spices and seasonings are HUGE during Whole 30. It gives your food good flavor and changes things up!

Many people are intimidated by Whole 30 because of cost and time.  So let me share a couple things with you… it is more costly… depending on what you buy. I didn’t go out and buy everything Whole 30 compliant at once, I gradually purchased things that were Whole 30 compliant each time I went shopping (such as almond meal, coconut flour, coconut oil, almond butter, ghee, etc). I also made it a point to utilize A LOT of left overs from dinner into lunches the next day and mixed it up by adding different foods to the meal. I did spend more time meal prepping and cooking but I also felt that this helped my week/days run much smoother with all the prep work added. This lifestyle is give/take and there are pros and cons to the plan.

I want to share effective and practical ways to meal plan along with sharing some of my favorite recipes/foods & products I have found.

AND BONUS– At the end of this post I have provided below your FREE PRINTABLE- including 2 meal planning sheets and a week’s worth of Whole 30 meals along with a corresponding shopping list to get you started on your first week of Whole 30! Here is the corresponding blog post for most of the directions/recipes listed in your printable.

Meal Planning:

  1. Utilize Pinterest- In order to be successful on this program you need to meal plan… bottom line. Make Pinterest your BFF during this process and create your own “Whole 30” board. You can find mine here and can follow along if you would like! I am always pinning new recipes that I want to try!
  2.  Menu/Grocery Prep– I always save all of my favorite recipes to my Whole 30 Pinterest board. At the beginning of the week I create my “menu” and shopping list for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know that often times I will have left overs from dinner the following day for lunch so I may leave a meal or 2 off. I always write down what recipe I plan to have for each meal and then create a corresponding shopping list for items I need to buy from each recipe. I also will add extra things that I know I can easily create something into or add onto meals like avocado’s, fruits, veggies.
  3.  Look at Your Menu Daily- I found it very helpful to have my menu somewhere I could visually see it vs. being tucked away in a cabinet. It is so easy to become hungry and feel like “you don’t have anything to eat” because you are not referencing your weekly menu.


In this section I wanted to share some of my favorite food items I found during the program!

1. Lara Bars- These are great as a quick “on the go”snack. The bar is basically fruits and nuts. You will want to be careful and research which bars are Whole 30 approved and which ones aren’t. There are some helpful graphic pins on Pinterest for this!

2. Medjool Dates- During my Whole 30 journey my taste buds completely changed and fruit became even sweeter… almost like a treat! I loved snacking on these dates and I also used them for some really yummy recipe’s I found!

3. La Croix- One of my biggest struggles was not feeling like I had anything to drink. La Croix was a life saver and now its totally my drink of choice, I love it!

4. Kombucha- This became my “soda” and took some time to get used too at first! It has a tart taste to begin with but now I love it and all the benefits from it. You’ll just want to make sure the Kombucha you choose has no more than 2 grams of sugar.

5. Organic Dried Mango- This BY FAR has been my favorite “treat”. My mother in law found these on and it literally tastes like a fruit roll up. Even Alex kept eating these. These are great on the go snack as well!

6. Cauliflower Rice- Cauliflower rice is a perfect way of getting your veggies in! It is so yummy with a chicken bowl topped with salsa or as a regular side.

7. Califia Coconut Almond Milk- Califia is my favorite brand of Whole 30 compliant milk that I have come across. I mainly use it for my coffee in the morning because it has a very creamy texture to it where as other coconut milks are more “skim”. I used a lot of canned coconut milks for cooking and Unsweetened Silk Almond Milk as en “extra” kind of milk to have on hand.

8. Frozen Diced Potatoes- You can find these in the veggie freezer section. I usually grab a couple bags because they are really cheap and it saves me tons of time on cutting/dicing potatoes! I love to season my diced potatoes with salt, pepper, and paprika. I usually cook them in a skillet with olive oil and get them crispy!

9. Almond Butter- Almond butter is a great alternative since peanuts are not Whole 30 approved. I would usually put a scoop in my smoothie or have it topped on a banana/apple slices for snack.

10. RX Bars- These are a great on the go snack and can be ordered on Amazon! Always check and make sure you are getting the ones that are Whole 30 approved!

If you are debating on trying Whole 30 because it seems intimidating…. I GET IT. Trust me… I really really do. I never thought I could go a day in my life without sugar and 2% milk in my coffee. Whole 30 is time consuming (at times) and it is making conscious choices of what you are putting into your body. For me the results were worth it. It’s a lifestyle and mindset change…. not a diet!

If you are considering starting Whole 30 I want to encourage you to GO FOR IT. Give yourself grace! I made many mistakes during round 1 and had a lot of learning along the way. I feel much more confident going into round 2!

Here are the links for your FREE weekly Whole 30 Weekly Meal Plan Printable & Shopping List/Week 1 Menu.

Again- CLICK HERE for the corresponding blog post containing links for some of the recipes in the Whole 30 Week 1 menu!


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  • Reply five little doves

    I have a friend who swears by the whole 30, she has been doing it long term over the last few years and has lost 5 stone from it, and looks amazing. For me, like you say, it is just too costly and I think you can actually make healthy cut backs and switches without going to this extreme.

    October 5, 2017 at 5:13 pm
    • Reply heavendykhuizen

      Yeah I think you are right. I have made modifications and have added a few things I can tolerate back in my diet 🙂

      October 10, 2017 at 5:12 am

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