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Lima Bean Project

Do any of you remember doing this fun science project when you were in Elementary school?

It has always been one of my favorites! I thought the girls would have a blast with this little “science experiment” and waking up each morning to see if their bean has sprouted.

Brooklyn was so cute and was asking if she could climb her bean stock up to God. LOL! I love the imagination of a child. So innocent and sweet.

I thought I would share how we did this so that you could do it with your little ones too. It’s super easy and you don’t need much supplies.

Supplies Needed:

Lima Beans

Paper Towels (or cotton balls)

Mason Jar (or anything clear)

Water/Spray Bottle

Your going to go ahead and stuff 2-3 paper towels in your mason jar and place 4 beans around the edges or anywhere that they can be seen.

Once your lima beans are placed in the jar you can go ahead and start squirting away with your water bottle. I let the girls each take a turn and then I sprayed a little more myself to make sure the paper towels were soaked!

I added a different pattern straw for each girl so that we would easily be able to tell them apart.

Go ahead and place it by a window sill so they get lots of light and make sure you spray them with water each morning. They should start sprouting in the next couple of days. (I added some plastic wrap on top to keep the moisture in).

Maybe I will post an update at the end of the week. 🙂


Here are the girls Lima beans exactly 9 days after we did this project. I swear by the 8th day they were growing every hour, it was insane how tall they were starting to get!

By the morning on the 10th day it was grown taller than the straw! (this pic was taken on day 9)

I love how these actually grew little leafs!

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  • Reply Sonia

    I can’t wait until those Lima beans start sprouting. Such cute little garneners you have.

    March 21, 2017 at 7:37 pm
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