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It’s feelin’ like Spring is in the air these last couple of days here in AZ. I’m loving having our windows open and feeling the breeze come through the house.

Chase is going to be 4 months old on Sunday and in so many ways it feels like time is going slow- which I am thankful for. I am soaking up all this baby before I blink and he is a toddler. I love the newborn/baby stage so much but I am also looking forward to being out of it for good. I enjoy my quiet moments with him.

Going from 2 to 3 kids was a definite change but I already felt like our life was a little crazy to begin with. I think that’s because the girls were already so close in age (22mo) and we were adding another vs. them being way older and adding a baby. Going from 1 to 2 kids was the most challenging for me; although, 3 has it’s more difficult moments now that Alex and I are out numbered.

There is a completeness I feel our family has now that Chase is here and I don’t necessarily long to go back to the baby stage again. I anticipate these next few years and watching how the relationships develop between these 3.

He is my calm boy. Go with the flow. Let my sister’s boss me around and smother me all day kind of baby. I guess that’s typically the destined behavior of the 3rd child. He is cooing and smiling all the time now. I still haven’t got a full belly laugh out of him yet but I am hoping to hear that soon. As mom’s we live for those milestone moments in our children’s lives. I don’t doubt that will change for me as they grow older and I am watching them get married or buying their first house. It excites me.

Ever since Great Great Grandma Knapp sang “Amazing Grace” to Chase a few weeks ago I have been singing this to him every time before rocking him to sleep. He loves it.

Now the girls have started singing to him too.

The girls adore having him here. They are definitely his little mama’s. I would say the majority of their fights stem from who is going to get me his diaper/wipes and who is smothering him more. The most common phrases out of my mouth are:

“Girls back up”

“Girls give him some space”

“Girls that is too much for him”

*Chase crying*

“Girls your making him upset”

It’s funny thinking about it, but in the moment I can’t understand how I can say the same thing everyday yet it doesn’t register?! Life of a mom.

They are amazing big sisters. Chase is actually more fussy when they aren’t around so I appreciate them being present with him most of the time.

We are so looking forward to Spring.

Here in AZ this is the time to soak up being outdoors because when REAL summer hits we are trapped inside to avoid the 105+ degree weather.

The one thing I hate about living in AZ is summer living- and no grass, I hate that too. The weather the other 9 months out of the year is glorious though!

Happy Friday friends, enjoy your weekend!

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