Girls Room Gallery Wall

Hey guys!

Wow, I feel like it’s been forever since I posted last. We are still truckin’ through this sickness and I’m hoping it will be completely gone by the end of the week.

My mind and life has been consumed around sick kids for what feels like the last month and I am literally ready to sleep for like days. LOL!

Even though we’re still dealing with the kids being sick I managed to get the girls gallery wall updated a bit. I promised I wouldn’t do this to myself but I have like 3 different projects going on right now: playroom, office, and girls room, aaaaaaaand I have to try to convince my hubby to build a kids table this weekend so we will see how that goes ;).

I need to reign myself back in a finish one room at a time so my plan is to accomplish the playroom in the next couple weeks.

The girl’s room was intended to be Brooklyn’s room, but when Chase was born we decided to combine the room for the girls and give him the nursery. In my initial post of the gallery wall I had all “B’s”, obviously for Brooklyn, since it was suppose to be her room.

It felt so good to get this updated.

I honestly had most of this stuff laying around or found over the years at thrift shops.

If you have empty frames laying around and want to fill them, you can always find the cutest printables on Etsy. You can see my source list below for the ones I used.

I saved roses I had bought each of the girls for their first birthday party, pressed, and framed them. They work perfectly in their room and I will just add them to their baby boxes when they don’t want them on the wall anymore.

I’m a sentimental soul, LOL.

I came across this watercolor deer on Etsy and fell in love. There is just something so dainty and sweet about it for a girls room.

That’s when the idea for a “Hello Dear” garland popped in my head for the large gold frame.

I love that I am able to change that garland out with other things in the future or for special holidays.


Big Gold Frame: Gifted at baby shower

Small Gold Frame (empty): Savers

White Victorian Frames: TJ Maxx

Black and White Mirror: Target (no longer available)

Large Black Victorian Frame: Similar here

Large White Frames: IKEA

Black Frame: TJ Maxx

Gold Frame: Savers (spray painted gold)

Gray Scriptures Printable: Craft Mei Etsy Shop

Water Color Deer Printable: Lil Water Color Shop Etsy

Deer Antler Printable: Heart Of Life Design Etsy

Arrow Printable: Melinda Wood Designs Etsy

Hello Darling Garland: DIY



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  • Reply Jessica

    I love the combination of black and gold!

    March 2, 2017 at 5:40 pm
  • Reply Jennifer Gainer

    Such a sweet idea for a baby’s room. I love the color combination too!!!!

    March 2, 2017 at 6:50 pm
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